Hey Queen!

About Us

Hey Queen! is a monthly multi-gender, queer dance party featuring both emerging and established performers every month along with a new theme. Over the course if it’s 5+ year run, Hey Queen! has showcased a range of LGBTQ performers, installation artists, video artists, DJs, dancers and change makers. We aim to produce two fundraisers a year to benefit local queer community groups and social justice projects.

We also emphasize the importance of keeping the party diverse and financially and physically accessible to everyone. All our venues are wheelchair accessible and ADA compliant unless otherwise noted.

Hey Queen! thrives on collaboration both within our own events and with other curators.

We were honored to be included in Time Out New York’s 50 reasons why NYC is the greatest city in the world.


avory agony Avory Agony, co-producer
avory agony is a native new yorker that resides in Brooklyn and is the astrology genius of their chosen family. an old soul and gym bunny, they enjoy long walks in prospect park, full moons, cats and tattoos. they are a co-founder of Hey Queen! and have been co-producing parties and MCing since 2009, as well as doing production work for queer community projects such as, more recently, Fame and Shame in the lower east side and MIXploratorium.


sarah jennySarah Jenny, co-producer
Sarah Jenny is a Leo who has been performing for much of the last decade and formally MCing and producing parties since 2007. Sarah Jenny joined the Hey Queen! team after performing at Queen of Pop where her Madonna number involving pouring Soy Milk all over herself and the audience won Avory’s heart. Sarah Jenny is a former community organizer for sex workers and currently works in public interest law. In her free time, she is committed to community-based art and social justice projects.


Scout Rose, co-founder
Scout Rose co-founded Hey Queen! with Avory Agony.